Every kid loves to fantasize and imagine things that may not be possible in real life but buying them toys that can reach their imagination which will make them happy and have fun and also learn new things at the same time.

All little ones including toddlers love to play with trains and imagine new things related to it. Buying an amazing Imaginarium train table set for your kid can make heaven like experience for your kids as it will fulfil their imaginations.

When it comes to buying a new toy for your kid there are many things to consider like it has to be safe for them, it makes them learn new things, and have fun. There are many things that a child can learn while playing with a train table set such as a concept of sharing and keeping their things safely.

You have to make sure that the train table set you buy does not include any toxic thing and is not sharp so that does not cause any harm to them. The quality of the material used to make the product must also be good and durable so that it can last four years.

The most important thing that you must keep in mind while buying the best Imaginarium train table set for your kid is that it must look attractive so that your kid has a great experience and loves to play with it. 

Best Imaginarium Train Tables List

To make sure that you buy the best Imaginarium train table set for your little one, that they will definitely love to play with, we have listed the top 6 Imaginarium train tables for you. 

#1. KidKraft 17564.0 Transportation Station Train Set and Table 

This 58-piece train set and table centres around a towering, elevated train station where smiling passengers wait for their trip around town. The passengers climb to flights of stairs to reach the boarding platform, this makes it even more interesting for the kids. 

The table is circled by a second track which is made from sturdy moulded plastic and is also raised one inch. There is also a three-car magnetic train that passes through the control tower and down to circle the airport.

So, it contains two tracks in total: the first one is a long, winding track that can be put together in an endless number of ways and the second one is a bonus plastic track attached to the base of the table.


  • The double tracks max it more interesting for the children to spend more time on it
  • It gives an overall attractive look 
  • It has different 58 pieces that make it look cosy 


  • There is no drawer to store the pieces 
  • The table does not fold, so it can be a tricky task to store the table

#2. Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table

This train table takes the experience of a kid to a new level as it also contains an underground station. This comes with 100 pieces with six different play destinations.

The table features a loop of the track that runs beneath the surface and an open table front that reveals a subway station which makes the playtime increase. 

The track is of 52 pieces that connect for 26 feet of rail play with 10 trestles to elevate all 4 corners and 4 levels of track height. This set comes with a freight engine with 2 cargo cars, a passenger train engine with a passenger car, and 2 subway cars.

This also includes a helicopter, a taxi, a flatbed truck, 3 magnetic cargo bundles, 3 traffic signs, 5 decorative trees, 4 lamp posts, and 5 figures which helps in keeping the action going.


  • It has many play destinations 
  • It also has an underground stations 
  • It has a very strong construction
  • It is also compatible with Thomas & Friends Train sets


  • The height of the table is not so high 
  • It does not have any drawer to store the pieces

#3. Hey! Play! Wooden Train Set Table 

This wooden train set table is an amazing way to light up your child’s imagination and creativity. This product comes with 27 different track pieces and can create endless fun for the kids. All the pieces including the table are made of 100% real wood. 

The accessories apart from 27 wooden tracks include 3 magnetized wooden trains, 1 helicopter, 2 boats, 4 vehicles, bridge, train station, fueling station, buildings, trees, street signs, and many others.

This product does not require any use of batteries, tools, or electronics. This wooden train set is made in such a way that it is more durable and can last four years.


  • It has a durable construction
  • This can provide hours of fun building 
  • It has a very unique playing surface 


  • It does not have any storage drawer to keep the pieces safe at a place 
  • It is not compatible with the older models of Thomas & Friends train sets

#4. Imaginarium Classic Train Table with Roundhouse Wooden Train Set

This train table set includes over 100 pieces of train accessories, parts, and pieces. This is a complete package that provides great fun and entertainment to the kids. 

This is the best Imaginarium train table to make your kids have a wonderful experience while playing. The train table of this set is also compatible with other train sets. 

This train set includes standard wooden track and train cars with magnetic couplings for compatibility with other brands. This wooden train table is a more durable and long-lasting product. 

The size of the table is long enough for more than one child to play. This product is also light-weighted as compared to other train tables. 


  • It is compatible with other train sets as well
  • It has ridges on the edge to ensure safety
  • Enough space around the table and underneath


  • Even after utilizing all the accessories, there is still a wide space left
  • There are no drawers present

#5. Mountain Rock Train Table – Espresso

This Imaginarium train table delivers hours of fun train play. It comes with over 100 pieces and 23+ feet of track that make it even more attractive for the kids.

Overall there are five different play destinations that include a Two Tower Bridge with lights and sounds, a 2-Level Mountain Tunnel, a 4-Door Roundhouse with a working turntable, a 360degree working Crane with magnetic grips for hoisting cargo, a Passenger Train Stations with destination dial and a Fueling Station.

The track layout features elevations in all the corners and detailed tabletop play graphics. This is made from real wood with a stylish espresso finish for a quality look and feel.

It also has accessories like three traffic sign, two vehicles, eight trains, four streetlights, five wooden figures, four rock trestles, four trees, crossing gate, two constructions zone cones, two viaducts, four rocks and over fifty-five pieces of wooden track and accessories two create the track layout.

This play table also comes with a storage drawer, where your child can store all the pieces safely.


  • Good durability and sturdy construction
  • The lights and sound makes it more attractive
  • It is interesting as it has five different play destinations
  • It is also compatible with Brio or Thomas & Friends wooden train set


  • It may take hours to assemble this train table set

#6. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This train set and table is perfect for little toddlers and little children. It comes with wonderful 120 colorful pieces that will be definitely loved by the kids. 

It offers an amazing adventure of pushing the train around and through a gentle waterfall and over a suspension bridge. It also contains a crane that lifts and lowers cargo onto the train and a helicopter soars over the town with blades spinning.

This product has three durable red plastic bins that can slide under the table for effortless storage. There are special T-molded edges to prevent chipping. This whole set is carefully crafted for safety and provides endless hours for creative and wonderful fun. 

This also includes one engine, three train cars, eight people, three storage bins. The table-top is big enough for many kids to play together and learn to share.


  • Comes with wooden tracks
  • Available with waterfall scenery 
  • Light-weighted and easy to store
  • Easy to clean due to the presence of storage bins


  • Assembling of pieces can be a difficult task


The main purpose of this article is to make sure that you buy the best Imaginarium train table for your kid that will make them have the best experience. I would personally recommend the Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table because this particular product fulfills all the expectations that a little one can have. It also has a very unique and interesting view as it also has an underground station which makes it look more attractive for children.